Children & young people fish for free until the day they turn 18. Fishing licenses must also be carried for children and young people, free fishing licenses are obtained after registration in iFiske.

Day licence 350 SEK / 24 hours
Weekly card 1750 SEK
Season card 4400 SEK            Applies to fishing in the river during the period May 1 to August 31, with the exception of zone 1 during the period June 1 to June 19 and zone 5 during the period from 20 to 31 August.

Fishing licenses for
Residents within the fishery conservation area boundaries
Persons who have their cottage / summer retreat within the fishery conservation area boundaries (Cottage owners are those who own a cottage/summer retreat within the fishery conservation area’s boundaries and people registered in the same household as an owner of a cottage/summer retreat.)

Day licence 210 SEK / 24 hours
Weekly card 1050 SEK
Zone card 1080 SEK (per zone and year)              Valid until December 31 2019
Annual pass 2100 SEK                                             Valid until December 31 2019

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